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Here’s the updated list of Projects:

Fushigi Boshi no Futago hime (future)

Nanastuiro Drops Pure (Current)



I won’t be translating or scanning anything this week because I’ve had fevers on and off -_-. So that means that releases probably won’t be coming out this week. Another reason is that I haven’t received raws from Lysabelle and translations from AP anyway so I can’t edit. If I do receive them there is a possibility though.

New Release-Shugo Chara! Chapters 13 and 14

In honor of Chinese New Year, Riku and I have decided to release a double release for Shugo Chara!.
Please enjoy!

Chapter 13: [Download] [Mirror]
Chapter 14:[Download] [Mirror]
Don’t have WinRAR? Here’s a regular zip format of the files above.

Chapter 13: [Download]
Chapter 14: [Download]

New Future Projects

I’ve searched the net and discovered a few series on share that I wanted to do. They’re future projects right now because I haven’t received permission to use them yet.

Celebrity Yukojou Yaku by Kurahasi Erika [found in SV loyalty sharing raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Koi Beta?! [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Mugen Spiral [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

NG boy X Paradise [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Nemuri hime ni 100 man kai no kiss [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlpop]

^^They’re all shoujo and most of them are oneshots but they look interesting.