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Sugar Powder Website

Our website,, will be down for awhile because I need to update it. It also seems that some computers can not see the site, so I’m changing the layout. Stay tuned!


Update 3/12/08

Shugo chara chapters 15, 16 and 17 will be released this week or the next.

After the release of Shugo Chara, I’m going to focus more on Lonesome Eden and CUTEXGUY, meaning I’m to translate CUTEXGUY and start scanning Lonesome Eden. I’ve been so busy editing Shugo Chara, I haven’t even started scanning yet!

Update 3-3-08

I’ve been busy editing Shugo Chara, so sorry for not having any updates…but I doubt anyone comes to this site anyway…

Shugo Chara-Chapters 15, 16, and 17 are being edited. Missing text from 15 is being translated and 17 is also being translated.

Lonesome Eden-currently being scanned

Nanatsuiro Drops Pure-asking for permission of scans. We only found volume 1, so if we can’t find volume 2 then we’ll stop scanlating this after volume 1.


Fushigi boshi no Futago hime-looking for scans