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Update 5.31.08

I think the progress is going pretty well, but I’ve noticed that other people have started scanlating Shugo Chara and the people on onemanga are uploading them…and Del rey has already released volume 4 too….see the progress for yourself below:
Shugo Chara
Chapter 17:Translating[AP] and editing [Namklim and AP]
Chapter 18: Editing [AP and Sooty]
Chapter 19: Translating [Verity from AP]
*Note: We’re going to release all three chapters with chapter 20 (or not..? Riku?)

Volume 5
Chapter 20: , Proofreading, Editing [AP and xlahhdeedahhx]

Lonesome Eden
Chapter 1 is already scanned, but we’re going to release the whole entire chapter in one release.

Future projects including Kusuriyubi Hime and maybe Kirarin Revolution (I don’t know if anybody else is still scanlating, I know somebody used to do it) is delayed until the books are bought.


Update 5.13.08

Hi everyone! Here’s another update on how we’re doing…

Shugo Chara:
Chapter 17-editing and translating (Kiseki and Verity from Angelic Powder are translating, Namklim from Sugar Powder and (?) are editing
Chapter 18: editing (Sooty from Angelic Powderand (?) are editing)
Chapter 19: translating
Chapter 20: translating

I think Del rey releases SC volume 4 sometime at the end of May…so what I’m saying is that we’re probably going to get volume 4 out before Del rey. Also, if anybody knows who from AP is editing 17 and 18 please comment so I can change the post accordingly.