Yesh. FINALLY! And we’ll probably bring you a release soon, aneeeewaaaysss. I’m pretty sure some of you heard of the mangafox crisis. When Sooty told me, I was just like, “YESH! I shall ask that scanlator to join us!”, but then Sooty told me about the scans, blah blah blah, and then I was like, I want chocolate…etc…oofies. So, on to the download…
Chapter 21: [Mirror]
We were short of translators AND editors…being grounded, etc..cuz we’re still minors and that crap :D…:c…but we got two new translators…wait…I still need to reply to one them…a chinese translator…Anyways, we are looking for EDITORS and TRANSLATORS. Especially editors that won’t die on us. Especially editors. And translators. Wut. -shot-


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