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New Forum

New forum has been updated! The link can be found in the navigation bar. The header is still being designed by Mikari from Guardian’s Wish, and you can be sure that it’ll be pretty -.^.

Written by Karin


See you at the Christmas ball…

Merry Christmas to everybody! Did everybody get the gifts they wanted?  Actually, the US celebrates Christmas last because of time differences but oh well :P.

I promised you guys a Christmas release, but Riku from Angelic Powder is currently not online, so I can’t release Shugo Chara yet. So just in case she doesn’t log back on, I’m going to release the other stuff I was going to release. Actually, just one chappie :/. But when Riku logs back on, there’s going to be some extra stuffies…-sews mouth shut-

So…a new project for us!!! My Prince-sama!!! Some areas were untranslatable since the text was cut off, but things still make sense >.-

It’s Christmas, and there’s going to be a Christmas Ball to celebrate! The only thing is, it’s only for the royals, and Tsubomi wants to attend too! Tsubomi ends up trying to create a ball for the servants too, and learns something new about Alru.

My Prince-sama chapter 11 download

Also, if anybody would like to donate so we can buy more raws, please contact  me or comment ><. Raws are very expensive since I have to be buy online (usually around $40 each time) so donations are very appreciated.

Edit: Shugo Chara chapter 24 released!

Kairi is finally exposed as the spy for Easter, and Amu and the guardians are in shock! Even though he is a spy, they still believe that he’s a good person. When the Guardians go to the Black Diamond’s (aka Utau) Secret live to stop Utau from taking everybody’s eggs away, Kairi…?!

Chapter 24 Download

The Angelic Powder site is down for the moment because the host was hacked into, but please visit their forum for more info!

The special release will be released later.

Written by Karin

New authors LOL

Curiosity finally took over and I click on the users link on teh navigation bar lol. I added 2 new authors. Actually I just added Sooty, and made a new account for myself, since the sugarpowder account was the group account :D. So we might be able to keep you guys more updated if Sooty decides to post moar updates XD.

Anyways, chapter 24 is all done and stuff, but we’re trying to get a HUGE christmas release, at least huge by our standards. Maybe…2 chapters of Shugo Chara or more, if Sooty and I can edit ch30 in two days, and if Angelic Powder finishes some chapters. Also, we might release a new series :D. So. Yeah.

Sugar Powder is still recruiting. Actually, we really need staff.

We need Japanese to English, Chinese to English, Cleaners, Editors, and 1 person who can design skins on invisionfree forums. And maybe a banner maker XD so I can stop pestering Mikari or Ele-chan from GW in their shoppes.

Posted by Karin

New Poll

The poll question reads: Which project would you like us to work on next?

Update 12/20/08

Seriously. We need moar Translators. And Editors. And cleaners. And people who are willing to write updates that this one on wordpress for me. If anybody would like to apply, go to The old site apply page to join.

Shugo Chara!

Chapter 24: Done. Is currently being QCed

Chapter 25: Editing Part B

Chapter 26: Editing

Chapter 27: Cleaning

Extra: Cleaning

Chapter 28: Cleaning

Chapter 29: Translating, cleaning

Chapter 30: Translating, cleaning

My Prince-sama

Chapter 11: Editing (Karin)

Extra1: Translated

Extra2: Translated

Note: My Prince-sama needs an editor!


Chapter 1: Translating

The bookstore ran out of Hakushaku to Yousei, so if anybody has scans, I can work something out.

Oops…the ACTUAL Hakushaku to Yousei chapter 1…

It seems that Kookimonstar misnamed the chapters, and in reality, only one chapter has been scanlated so far :D. It’s up for download on the Current projects and in this post.

Chapter 1: Mirror

Hakushaku to Yousei chapters 1 and 2 by [Kookiemonstar]

A few days ago, Kookiemonstar (visit Kookiemonstar at Livejournal) started scanlating Hakushaku to Yousei. We made a deal, and Kookimonstar would only scanlate Hakushaku to Yousei up to volume 1, which is all that is out right now in Japan (excluding magazine scans). I’ll be updating with the downloads, but please note that they do not belong to me.

Hakushaku to Yousei chapter 1:Mirror

Hakushaku to Yousei chapter 2: Mirror