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All out!

Since Futari wa Pretty Anon has taken the initiative to release the rest of the existing Shugo Chara chapters, I would like to say to the rest of you to enjoy!!

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From now on, all downloads will be at the forum. In order to see the downloads forum, you need to register, but you don’t nessecarily need to post.


Ok, so you guys may or not may have heard these rumors already. I’ll address these one at a time. Click on to read. I’m only doing this click to read thing, so if people don’t want to read this and get all mad, don’t. I’m trying to be nice about this.

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Shugo Chara Chapter 30

Well, here’s that update you’ve been long awaiting for! Rather than lecturing you guys for a full 1500 words *which I can easily do!* and posting the link aaaaaall the way at the bottom, I’ll make things easier for you! Mwah! xD

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Adding on to Sooty’s posts, thank you everyone for your support! We’ve just reached the 10k hit for blog hits, and I’m grateful for everybody’s support! I hope you guys have a nice new year!

Also, we will not be picking up Mochida Aki’s newest series, since it has been canceled. We haven’t received raws for Stardust Wink from An Endless Story, so until then, we can’t do naything >^<!

Our Little Surprise…

As you guys all know, Futari Wa Pretty Anon has been scanlating Shugo Chara! as of chapter 29. They’ve done a nice job thinking of you fans and giving you all what you craved for… the smexy and infamous chapter 28! Most of you couldn’t be happier with theĀ  somewhat high quality chapters and most importantly the nice, speedy chapters that they’ve released. And I bet you’ve forgotten all about us by now…. haha!

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Shugo Chara! V5 Omake release

XD Well, this is kinda late, but here’s the omake~

The omake is all about Ami’s adventure while Amu isn’t at home xD. She’s so cute in Amu’s uniform~