Ok, so you guys may or not may have heard these rumors already. I’ll address these one at a time. Click on to read. I’m only doing this click to read thing, so if people don’t want to read this and get all mad, don’t. I’m trying to be nice about this.

Edit: Link taken off due to request

Oh, I’m a cleaner for Futari wa Pretty anon, and they took advantage of our Hiatus, and made all of our fans turn against us”-wildcats3334

First off, we tried getting in contact with FWPA. They deleted our comments, so we decided to skip ahead and collaborate with them without actually collaborating with them. It’s so the chapters would get out there faster. Chapter 30 was translated, cleaned, typesetted, and QCed 1 month before FWPA even released ch29, let alone announce their hiatus. And if it’s true that you’re a cleaner for FWPA, then I don’t think you should be saying this, since it’s only dirtying FWPA’s name. Let me say this again. This is a fan to fan scanlation.  According to the back of my student planner (lol) this counts as cyber bullying. That sounds lame, but it’s true. And, since Shugo Chara was our project first afterall, we should, actually, be the ones that are mad. And besides, do you have any proof that the fans turned against FWPA? I’m pretty sure, according to the FWPA site, that the hit counter on the navigation is still rapidly going up. And, if you saying things like that, it will imply that FWPA is in this scanlation process for the fame and glory, which I am absolutely sure they are not doing this for. I mean, they worked really hard on ch28 for you guys. I really think you should apologize to FWPA and Sugarpowder/angelic powder. If you guys can get english scanlations of Shugo Chara at all, you guys should be satisfied.

I don’t know if this is the same user as above, but you can read what I have to say on the link or here. I’m just copying and pasting what I said.

I feel kind of bad that I didn’t post anything here yet O.O. *irresponsible group leader*

Before posting these kinds of things, you should really think before posting. Asking yourself things like Am I going to regret posting this later? and that sort of thing. Also, just like what Sooty said, scanlating is a purely fan to fan action. Many of the bigger shoujo groups don’t even want to scanlate Shugo Chara because it’s a licensed series by Del Rey.

Instead of coming onto mangafox and posting a complaint to us, you should’ve just emailed me something along the lines of, “Your translations need a bit of work” etc. Even Nagare-boshi and some other groups took advice from readers. Most of us are still in middle/high school, and we try our best to get these scans out. Japanese to english translators are like gold in the scanlator’s world, since we barely ever get a japanese to english translator application nowadays.

And I have newfound respect for Futari wa Pretty Anon. *bows down*

And yes, please get the name right. Otherwise I’m not going to respond to it from now on. Because it isn’t our name. (Shugo chara is a joint project between Angelic Powder and Sugar Powder. Two DIFFERENT groups.)

And I think it’s about time this topic was locked. There really isn’t much else to say. It’s kind of rude to be posting this stuff on somebody else’s site.


1 Response to “Rumors”

  1. 1 Julie January 15, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    Tisk, some people just don’t get they should be gratful there’s chapter’s that are translated at all. I’m learning japanese right now so I can help with my freinds scanations, and I’ll tell you, learning both english and japanese is REALLY hard! I support you guys! BOTH of you(suger powder and pretty anon) work hard!

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