Long time…no post…?


I seriously slacked off with updating and stuff. Yeah. Well, school’s almost over, so hopefully I can work some more C:.


Stardust Wink ch1: Cleaning (waiting on translations from An Endless Story, but don’t worry, once we receive translations, we just have to typeset the words on C:)

And we’re probably going to pick up some Korea series. Karin has raws for Ciel: An Autumn Story, but she can’t even read Korean xD. Or japanese, for that matter. Karin also has raws for some japanese series that are in chinese. So…we’re recruiting mainly Chinese and Korean translators, but we also need Japanese translators. We are also recruiting Experienced Editors, or slightly experienced editors. Or editors that have a little confidence in their skills. We’re also looking for Quality-checkers.

Go here for Editor, Chinese and Japanese translator tests. Please email Karin at madpolarina@yahoo.com for QC and Korean translator tests.
Oh yeah. Does anybody know the status of the Hakushaku to Yousei manga :’D?


2 Responses to “Long time…no post…?”

    • 2 sugarpowder June 4, 2009 at 5:18 PM

      *A* Wow, the cover looks amazing. Ok, thanks for commenting :D. I’ll see if the shipping will be less costly once I get to China in a few days.

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