Long time…no post…?


I seriously slacked off with updating and stuff. Yeah. Well, school’s almost over, so hopefully I can work some more C:.

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From now on, all downloads will be at the forum. In order to see the downloads forum, you need to register, but you don’t nessecarily need to post.


Ok, so you guys may or not may have heard these rumors already. I’ll address these one at a time. Click on to read. I’m only doing this click to read thing, so if people don’t want to read this and get all mad, don’t. I’m trying to be nice about this.

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New Forum

New forum has been updated! The link can be found in the navigation bar. The header is still being designed by Mikari from Guardian’s Wish, and you can be sure that it’ll be pretty -.^.

Written by Karin

New Poll

The poll question reads: Which project would you like us to work on next?

Update 12/20/08

Seriously. We need moar Translators. And Editors. And cleaners. And people who are willing to write updates that this one on wordpress for me. If anybody would like to apply, go to The old site apply page to join.

Shugo Chara!

Chapter 24: Done. Is currently being QCed

Chapter 25: Editing Part B

Chapter 26: Editing

Chapter 27: Cleaning

Extra: Cleaning

Chapter 28: Cleaning

Chapter 29: Translating, cleaning

Chapter 30: Translating, cleaning

My Prince-sama

Chapter 11: Editing (Karin)

Extra1: Translated

Extra2: Translated

Note: My Prince-sama needs an editor!


Chapter 1: Translating

The bookstore ran out of Hakushaku to Yousei, so if anybody has scans, I can work something out.

Oops…the ACTUAL Hakushaku to Yousei chapter 1…

It seems that Kookimonstar misnamed the chapters, and in reality, only one chapter has been scanlated so far :D. It’s up for download on the Current projects and in this post.

Chapter 1: Mirror