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From now on, all downloads will be at the forum. In order to see the downloads forum, you need to register, but you don’t nessecarily need to post.



Adding on to Sooty’s posts, thank you everyone for your support! We’ve just reached the 10k hit for blog hits, and I’m grateful for everybody’s support! I hope you guys have a nice new year!

Also, we will not be picking up Mochida Aki’s newest series, since it has been canceled. We haven’t received raws for Stardust Wink from An Endless Story, so until then, we can’t do naything >^<!

Update 12/20/08

Seriously. We need moar Translators. And Editors. And cleaners. And people who are willing to write updates that this one on wordpress for me. If anybody would like to apply, go to The old site apply page to join.

Shugo Chara!

Chapter 24: Done. Is currently being QCed

Chapter 25: Editing Part B

Chapter 26: Editing

Chapter 27: Cleaning

Extra: Cleaning

Chapter 28: Cleaning

Chapter 29: Translating, cleaning

Chapter 30: Translating, cleaning

My Prince-sama

Chapter 11: Editing (Karin)

Extra1: Translated

Extra2: Translated

Note: My Prince-sama needs an editor!


Chapter 1: Translating

The bookstore ran out of Hakushaku to Yousei, so if anybody has scans, I can work something out.

Oops…the ACTUAL Hakushaku to Yousei chapter 1…

It seems that Kookimonstar misnamed the chapters, and in reality, only one chapter has been scanlated so far :D. It’s up for download on the Current projects and in this post.

Chapter 1: Mirror

Update 12/7/08

Shugo Chara

Chapter25-26 is AP

Chapter 27: Translating

Volume 7 extra: Translating

Chapter 28: Translating

Stardust Wink

Chapter 1: Scanning, translating, editing


Chapter 1: Translating

New Future Projects

I’ve searched the net and discovered a few series on share that I wanted to do. They’re future projects right now because I haven’t received permission to use them yet.

Celebrity Yukojou Yaku by Kurahasi Erika [found in SV loyalty sharing raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Koi Beta?! [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Mugen Spiral [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

NG boy X Paradise [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlypop]

Nemuri hime ni 100 man kai no kiss [found in SV loyalty raws section by sweetswirlpop]

^^They’re all shoujo and most of them are oneshots but they look interesting.