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Long time…no post…?


I seriously slacked off with updating and stuff. Yeah. Well, school’s almost over, so hopefully I can work some more C:.

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Not Dead Yet

Aha, doesn’t it seem like we’re dead? Here’s some updates on what we’re doing. Thank you all that commented and emailed me =D!

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Ok, so you guys may or not may have heard these rumors already. I’ll address these one at a time. Click on to read. I’m only doing this click to read thing, so if people don’t want to read this and get all mad, don’t. I’m trying to be nice about this.

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Shugo Chara! V5 Omake release

XD Well, this is kinda late, but here’s the omake~

The omake is all about Ami’s adventure while Amu isn’t at home xD. She’s so cute in Amu’s uniform~

New Forum

New forum has been updated! The link can be found in the navigation bar. The header is still being designed by Mikari from Guardian’s Wish, and you can be sure that it’ll be pretty -.^.

Written by Karin

Stardust Wink Preview

Stardust wink will now be a joint with An Endless Story, which is another Shoujo group :). Stardust Wink will be released next month in Japan, and we’ll do our best to get it scanlated ASAP. Here are some previews in this month’s Ribon, by the way~

New Haruta Nana Series

So I went on the Ribon official site today and looked at this:Ribon

It seems like the new series is called “Stardust Wink” as translated by Kiseki. 😀 Look forward to it~ I bet the only reason why I haven’t gotton my ribon yet is because of christmas rush D:<. Anyways, release is possibily this weekend or next. Depends on when my Ribon comes.