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Not Dead Yet

Aha, doesn’t it seem like we’re dead? Here’s some updates on what we’re doing. Thank you all that commented and emailed me =D!

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New Forum

New forum has been updated! The link can be found in the navigation bar. The header is still being designed by Mikari from Guardian’s Wish, and you can be sure that it’ll be pretty -.^.

Written by Karin

New authors LOL

Curiosity finally took over and I click on the users link on teh navigation bar lol. I added 2 new authors. Actually I just added Sooty, and made a new account for myself, since the sugarpowder account was the group account :D. So we might be able to keep you guys more updated if Sooty decides to post moar updates XD.

Anyways, chapter 24 is all done and stuff, but we’re trying to get a HUGE christmas release, at least huge by our standards. Maybe…2 chapters of Shugo Chara or more, if Sooty and I can edit ch30 in two days, and if Angelic Powder finishes some chapters. Also, we might release a new series :D. So. Yeah.

Sugar Powder is still recruiting. Actually, we really need staff.

We need Japanese to English, Chinese to English, Cleaners, Editors, and 1 person who can design skins on invisionfree forums. And maybe a banner maker XD so I can stop pestering Mikari or Ele-chan from GW in their shoppes.

Posted by Karin

Update 12/1/08

Oh, oh, hai dere…haer’s some more updates…hurhur xD

Shugo Chara!

Chapters 25 and 26 are Angelic Powder

Chapter 27: Translating but on hold (Mayu)

Volume 7 Extra: Cleaning but not translated (Karin)


Chapter 1: Translating (Hikari [MIA] needs new translator)

New Series

Ok. I’m really bent on picking up the two new series in Ribon by Haruta Nana and Yoko Maki. So if you see any other group snatching it, then please inform them that we already *have* snatched it.


Yays! And I’m finally back.

Shugo Chara

Chapter 21: QCing

Chapter 22: Editing

Chapter 23: Translating

Chapter 24: Editing



Still translating

My Prince-sama

Chapter 11: Translating


Oneshot: ???

9-07-08 Update~Deshu

Karin here~, bringing you slow releases and high quality releases.

And the only reason why we’re releasing so slow is because

We need translators and editors!


Please keep in mind that we’re also looking for:

people that know how to set up wordpress,

Quality Checkers,

and people that know chinese and japanese but don’t have the heart to commit to translating a whole entire chapter. Please apply for proofreader. It takes less time than translating.

Shugo Chara

Chapter 21 and chapter 22 are in Angelic Powder’s custody. Please pay a visit to their work log.

Chapter 23: Scanning (Kiseki?)

Chapter 24: Editing and waiting on translations

Otome no Haato mo Kinshida

Chapter 1: Received scans from Redlinks today! Karin is going to edit, I think :3, but she’s not sure if Hikari or Pocket scans is going to translate.

Update 7.19.08

So now we really need translators -_- seems like almost every group needs translators these days.

Shugo Chara!

Volume 4

Chapter 17: Done. AP is waiting for 18 to be finished for a batch release

Chapter 18: Editing

Volume 5

Chapter 19: Editing by Sooty. 28 pages are done

Chapter 20: Editing by Karin. about 7 pages are done (although is currently going mass editing starting tomorrow….so maybe about 20 more pages will be done in the next 2 days if I stay focused)

Chapter 21: AP

Ami Omake: AP

Chapter 22: AP

Volume 6

Chapter 23: Asking for permission to the scans

Chapter 24: Translating