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Long time…no post…?


I seriously slacked off with updating and stuff. Yeah. Well, school’s almost over, so hopefully I can work some more C:.

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All out!

Since Futari wa Pretty Anon has taken the initiative to release the rest of the existing Shugo Chara chapters, I would like to say to the rest of you to enjoy!!

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Site Move

Ok, I am fed up with my server. It keeps on having bugs and etc etc etc things wrong T^T. I’m going to be switching completely over to this wordpress blog. Downloads will still be hosted, etc, and all that stuff. The cbox will be on another page unless I can figure out how to use it as a widget. Blah. Or just comment on my posts :3.

Update 1/30/08

Just so you guys know, I’ll be updating our projects irregularly.

Shugo Chara: Chapter 13 is still being edited by Namklim. I’m going over a few pages to see if any need to be redone. Chapter 14 has a few pages left to edit, and Angelic Powder has already finished their half of chapter 15. The problem is that our translation for chapter 15 has missing text, so I think Riku is going to send me that soon.

Lonesome Eden: Yes, it isn’t Immortal Eden but Lonesome Eden. I’ve already started scanlating it. I skimmed through it and it appears to be about a puppet that is lonesome….yeah. I make sucky summaries. Well, the doll is a humanlike puppet, but I can’t tell if it’s a girl or boy.

CUTEXGUY: Still translating….kind of. I need to read the first 3 volumes before translating. I have sent volume 4 to satanxangel to see if he could translate though.

To sum it up, Shugo Chara will probably be released this week, or the next two weeks, depending if Namklim or AP’s editor finishes chapter 13. Chapter 14 won’t be a problem, because if Chapter 13 was done we could release both chapters this week.

New Project…sort of. Irhene Gakuen Community needed a translator for Gakuen Alice, and they were chinese scans, so I offered to translate. So now I need to balance the projects around a bit….since I’m working on all of them.